Benefits of Zeolite

Zeolite Powder is a 100% natural compound that can aid in detoxification and replace minerals in your body among other health benefits.

Benefits of Zeolite

I am all about natural remedies for healthy living. When I hear about something new I am always keen to check it out. When I heard about zeolite powder and the potential health benefits it offered, I quickly did some research on the benefits of zeolite and purchased some to give it a test run.

Let’s put our science and chemistry hats on for a moment while I do my best to explain what zeolite is in the simplest way possible, without taking away from it’s biological information.

What is Zeolite?

Zeolite, otherwise known as Clinoptilolite, is a 100% natural volcanic mineral compound that contains up to 60 trace minerals. It is formed when volcanic ash layers and volcanic rock reacts with sea water (in some variants, fresh water). Each form of zeolite is unique to its environment (kind of like us humans).

How does Zeolite Work?

Zeolite has a unique honeycomb like structure (at microscopic level) which contain mineral ions like potassium, sodium and calcium. It has the ability to absorb, hold, release and exchange different chemicals, nutrients and ions according to the needs within your body, similar to activated charcoal.

When it is in your body, the zeolite attracts positively charged ions, which are particles that are toxic contaminants in your body. In exchange for the contaminant, the zeolite releases it’s mineral ion and absorbs the toxin in your body. I would say that is a great trade!

Our body can’t absorb the zeolite itself, so it collects the particles and removes them from your body, along with all of the toxins it absorbed while in your body.

Benefits of Zeolite

There are many health benefits of zeolite powder, both topically and internally. Some have been backed by studies and others have been observed by many individuals. I think it is important to remember that we are each unique and have different needs within our bodies, and what works for one person may not work for another.

My conclusion is that after doing my own research, there is absolutely no harm or risk in giving it a try, and it will more than likely have at least one benefit for my body. Let’s have a look at each category followed by some fun DIY recipes for topical use.

Internal Use Benefits of Zeolite:

  • Detoxification of unwanted contaminants such as heavy metals, pesticides, radioactive substances and environmental toxins
  • Promotes healthy digestion and reduces reflux
  • May help reduce brain fog through detoxification
  • May improve energy levels by detoxing your body of unwanted toxins
  • Balances your pH levels in your body
  • Supports the immune system by adding mineral ions
  • Fights infections by blocking viral replication
  • Improved liver function through detoxification
  • Improves allergies by capturing and clearing antigens (allergy causing compounds)
  • Removes free radicals – a study done by a German rheumatologist in 2002 showed that zeolite slowed oxidation by 100% and delayed muscle oxidation by 50% – thus making it anti-ageing
  • Autism treatment through detoxing the body of heavy metals, which are a leading cause of autism. You can read more about this here
12 Benefits of Zeolite infographic

Topical Benefits of Zeolite:

  • Improved tooth health by re-mineralizing and removing toxins when used as a tooth powder
  • Improved skin and acne when used as a detoxifying face mask and exfoliator
  • Anti-ageing effects when used in cosmetics and skincare products
  • Aids detoxification when used in a hot bath soak

Other Benefits of Zeolite:

There has also been some research done on the use of zeolite in agriculture to improve the soil quality. By adding zeolite to your soil it helps to purify the air within the soil, It acts as a molecular sieve and removes unwanted toxins within 5-7 hours of it being in the soil. If you are planning an at home veggie or fruit garden, this is definitely a great way to improve your soil naturally.

Zeolite has no side effects or dangers that have been noted or recorded, even when taken in large amounts. That being said, always stick to the recommended dosage on your supplement bottle. You can read more about the evidence here.

zeolite powder being added to a glass of water

Which Zeolite to Use

As with anything, there are a variety of options when it comes to choosing the right form to get the best benefits of zeolite powder. There are inferior forms which provide little to no benefits and there is the correct form to buy that will give you all of the benefits your body needs.

Instead of listing a random list of all of the variants along with their pros and cons, I am simply going to tell you which one to get – because that’s all you really need to know. When purchasing any type of zeolite, whether a powder, capsule or liquid, the main active ingredient should be Clinoptilolite.

It should be high quality, micronized zeolite that is properly cleaned and 100% pure. Zeolite is sourced from the earth and it needs to be cleaned from other minerals that may be harmful and should NOT be commercial grade, but FOOD grade. Look for the word bioavailable for potency.

This form of zeolite has environmental purification, intestinal detoxifier, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects. If you are keen on a more in-depth read about the different kinds of zeolite and their benefits you can read more here.

Best Ways to use Zeolite

My personal preference when it comes to zeolite is to mix the powder into a half a glass of filtered water. Buying the powder ensures that I am getting only 100% pure zeolite powder with no added fillers or ingredients (please always check your packaging for ingredients!)

For maintenance or a gentle detox mix 1 tsp of powdered zeolite in half a glass of filtered water, stir well and drink once a day. For an intense detox for more acute conditions you can drink this 3x a day. What does it taste like you may ask? Slightly chalky and perhaps a little sandy but all in all, really not that bad. You can also mix it into some fruit juice for kids.

If you prefer capsules or liquid try to find ones that only contain zeolite without any fillers. The liquid form should contain only natural ingredients and nothing artificial. Use these according to your supplement’s or doctor’s recommendations

Fun DIY Recipes

Zeolite powder in a ceramic dish

Tooth Powder:

  • 2 Tablespoons of zeolite powder
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Pinch of bicarbonate/baking soda
  • 5-10 drops of essential oil (try mint, clove, lavender or orange)
  • Option to add Coconut Oil to make a paste

Mix all of the ingredients together in a glass jar with a wooden spoon. Add in melted coconut oil if you prefer a paste to a dry powder and mix well to combine. Use before or as a toothpaste that will help detox and clean your teeth, gums and mouth. You can double or triple this recipe and store in a glass jar for the week. You can use this everyday or once or twice a week as a healthy boost for your teeth.

Face Mask:

  • 1 Tablespoon zeolite powder
  • 2 Tablespoons of filtered water / rose water
  • Option to add essential oils (try lavender, tea tree or bergamot)

Mix to form a paste and apply to clean skin. Leave for up to an hour and rinse with warm water, follow up with your moisturizer or serum. This mask will deep clean your pores and help to heal blemishes.

To create a facial cleanser you can use the above recipe and replace the water with the oil of choice (try olive, rosehip, castor, avocado or sweet almond oil) and rub in circular motions to clean your face. make sure to avoid contact with your eyes. This will also provide gentle exfoliation for your skin.


Although there are no side effects or dangers when it comes to using zeolite, some research suggests that if it is taken with certain medications and antibiotics, it can affect the efficacy of the medication. To be safe, always take your zeolite at least 5 hours separate to your antibiotics or other prescribed medications.

It is also noted that zeolite should NOT be taken after an organ transplant or with any immunosuppressants.

Although there has been no evidence that zeolite can affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals, some suggest that it is safer to take them separately as well. I generally take mine just before I go to bed and have found no side effects or issues with this.


The benefits of zeolite make it a great addition to your natural medicine cabinet. I have used it to detox as well as when our family has the stomach flu or bug. It is excellent for detoxing us from heavy metals which are shockingly found everywhere these days and are causing major immune and autoimmune problems.

Have you used Zeolite and what do you use it for?

Disclaimer: Always do your own research and speak to your naturopath or functional doctor about using new supplements. I am not a health care provider or nutritionist. The information in this post is for informational purposes and does not constitute health diagnosis's or treatments in any way. Please see my full disclaimer here.

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